Welcome to Seven Creeks Welcome to Seven Creeks

A beautiful bed and breakfast on over 200 acres of family-owned farmland in the rolling hills of Western Kentucky

Seven Creeks is a place where the simple pleasures of country livin’ meet all the luxuries of resort life.

A two-story, two-bedroom bed and breakfast with a full kitchen and dining room, Seven Creeks truly has it all. You can take a long bath in the clawfoot tub or a long walk in the country. You can stretch out on a window bench and read the day away, or stroll around 200 acres of trees, flowers, and farm animals including sheep, goats, dogs, cats, chickens, and more.

Relax by the pond, chat by the fireplace, or walk with the wildlife - all while exploring the wonders of Western Kentucky

You can splash your feet in each of the seven creeks, or soak them in the hot tub. And you can stay in and watch your favorite movie stars in the cool comfort of the air conditioning, or sit outside under a sky of stars on one of three cozy country porches.

At Seven Creeks, you can do it all—relax by the pond, chat by the fireplace, or walk with the wildlife—all while exploring the wonders of Western Kentucky, including swimming, shopping, hiking, hunting, horse riding, fishing, boating, delicious Southern cooking, and so much more.

That’s why Seven Creeks is truly the perfect spot—for an intimate weekend getaway or an incredible week long vacation. So sit down, click around, and see for yourself all the fun, food, memories, and more waiting for you to explore at Seven Creeks.

Seven Creeks Bed & Breakfast strongly supports the local community and all it has to offer, including the following organizations:

For reservations or other information, contact Jan Elkins, the Innkeeper at
(270) 205-5297 or online by clicking here.